Personalised Data hosting

Discover our range of our hosting solutions find the perfect servers for your security needs.

Our premises have different hosting solutions for companies, if you are looking for colocation services or private space in a data center. We offer high reliability to our customers thanks to redundant equipment and an availability rate of 99.982% meeting the requirements of EN-50600, Class-3 (N+1) or equivalent of Tier III®. Our swiss data centers guarantee the highest security of your company's data. We invite you to contact us in order to talk about the hosting services that will fit your business's needs.

  • Benefit from all the advantages of our high-end equipments.
  • Reduce your company carbon footprint by sharing your energy needs.
  • Excellent value for money to access high performance hosting.
  • Flexible and scalable solutions.

​​​​​​​Colocation Services or Private Space in Datacenters ?

1/4 to Full Racks

Because aisle containment is a real strategic challenge for data centers, we have chosen Nexpand Minkels Aisle Containment to host your server and storage IT environment. They optimize the cooling process (separation of hot and cold air flows) and offer high energy efficiency. We offer to our hosted customers high quality and innovative colocation in Racks.

Cage and Space

This offer is suitable for companies who are looking for a private space in a data center to install their IT infrastructure. Renting a cage will allow you to add an additional security perimeter around your space (controlled by a digital code).


Data Center Hosting Offers

Discover our range and all of our data center hosting solutions for your servers according to your needs.


1/4 RACK and more

From a 1/4 Rack, this space is available for accommodate one or more servers and IT equipments of your company.



Benefit from your own rack in a high performance and high security infrastructure.



This offer is suitable for companies looking for a fully privatized space to install their IT infrastructure.

A truly professional environment

CDROM has a space 100% dedicated to your professional needs. Concerned about the performance of our installations, we rely on a quality infrastructure to allow the optimal functioning of our Swiss Data Centers.

You can park your vehicle in front of our building when you visit CDROM data centers, it’s useful for visitors with large pieces of equipment that need to unloaded at our premises.

Also, in the event that the staff of our clients are unable to work in their usual workplaces (due to fire, water damage, works, etc.). Your data center hosting provider CDROM has two emergency workplaces which we can make available upon request.


Un véritable cadre professionnel privatisé

Service personnalisé

Remote Hands and personalized services

To work more closely with our clients, we provide fully personalised services. We can offer you tools and technologies in accordance with your needs, objectives and budget.

Remote Assistance is a complementary service which CDROM offers to its clients. Would you like to make changes to your server or restart it ? Nothing could be easier ! Instead of traveling, contact us by phone and we will do the handling for you.

  • 24/7 access: Our equipment can be accessed at any time thanks to a continuous concierge service.
  • Quick on-site maintenance by our infrastructure expert.
  • 100% customizable services.