Personalised Data hosting

Personalised Data hosting

Discover our range of our hosting solutions find the perfect servers for your security needs.

All our services are available to you to guarantee the highest security of your data.

We can host your servers on our premises in a U space, as well as in quarter or half format in a rack (complete cabinet which is private), partitioned and comes with a key and a personal password. We invite you to contact us directly in order to best advise you in your choices.

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A truly professional environment

CDROM has a space 100% dedicated to your professional needs. Concerned about the performance of our installations, we rely on a quality infrastructure to allow the optimal functioning of the Data Centers.

You can park your vehicle in front of our building when you visit CDROM, it’s useful for visitors with large pieces of equipment that need to unloaded at our premises.

Also, in the event that the staff of our clients are unable to work in their usual workplaces (due to fire, water damage, works, etc.), CDROM has two emergency workplaces which we can make available upon request.

Un véritable cadre professionnel privatisé



A virtual server (virtual machine) involves defining the individual settings of a machine and installing the software/programs of your choice on it. This solution is the best one for projects requiring high levels of personalisation.

This virtualisation process enables one or more operating systems to function on more or more computers.

To meet your requirements and provide you with an effective everyday service, CDROM and its partners ensure that you are provided with the following services:

  • High availability of the servers
  • Guaranteed performance and availability (service level agreement - SLA)
  • Large bandwidth symmetric and redundant.

Remote Hands and personalized services for each client

To work more closely with our clients, we provide fully personalised services. We can offer you tools and technologies in accordance with your needs, objectives and budget.

Remote Assistance is a complementary service which CDROM offers its clients. Would you like to make changes to your server or restart it ? Nothing could be easier ! Instead of traveling, contact us by phone and we will do the handling for you.

  • 24/7 access: Our equipment can be accessed at any time thanks to a continuous concierge service.
  • 100% personalization and on site assistance

Remote Hands et Services personnalisés pour chaque client