Our certifications consolidate the reputation of our company which is based on quality, innovation and safety.

We are especially proud that one of our clients has successfully passed an ISO 27001 audit (international standard for information security management systems).

1st Data Center ISO of Switzerland

1st Data Center ISO 27001 of Switzerland


Instant Redundancy on Demand

We are keen to ensure that our facilities operate efficiently. Our focus is therefore on maintaining a high quality infrastructure that will enable the data centre to function under optimal conditions at all times.

In order to guarantee the optimal functioning of our data centers and the security of your data hosted in our infrastructure, CDROM has invested in the redundancy of its equipment. The strength of our company is to ensure the continuity of our services as well as a high availability to your company.

The centre, which is near the East-West internet backbone, is connected by two separate telecom lines (on each side of the building) provided by the two main Swiss providers, UPC-cable.com and Swisscom. The fibres are redundant and use MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network technology. This means that if a fibre from Geneva - La Chaux-de-Fonds is interrupted, the fibre from Basel will continue to function without any interruption to our system.

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Technical Benefits

Our Data Centers utilize the highest quality equipment of the market, to considerably reduce the operational risks that your IT systems may incur.

  • Double communication channels
    Our data centre provides our clients and partners with effective communication channels which meet their needs. For this reason, we currently have several internet access points and powerful fibres to guarantee the best possible service quality.
    A dense fibre optic network enables telecom connections from 300 Mbits/s shared to several GB/s dedicated.
  • Electricity at cost price
    We provide our clients with a kWh cost price based on our energy supplier’s cost price. You can subscribe to two different types of electricity packages.
  • Battery and UPS
    In the event of a power failure, emergency UPS batteries ensure that our service continues operating.
    A generator (CAT, 550 kVA) ensures that our service continues operating independently.
  • Air conditioning system
    All of the components in the centre have N+1 redundancy (with an additional component installed to compensate for any failures).

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