Eco Data center

Environmental Commitment

Our company is particularly aware of the need to protect and respect the environment. For this reason, we operate our site in an environmentally responsibility way and have adopted a 100% Green IT perspective.

Our objective, decrease our energy footprint while offering our customers efficient and secure technologies. In addition, CDROM has signed an electricity supply commitment focused solely on "hydro CH" energy and is committed to developing responsible projects for its Data Centers.

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« Nothing is lost, everything is transformed »

Recover and recycle heat from data centers

To ensure the proper longevity of IT equipment housed in Data Centers, experts recommend a temperature between 18°C and 27°C. One of CDROM's priorities is the regulation of our infrastructure temperature. The heat generated by the Data Centers is recovered and recycled to heat several buildings and thus offer significant energy and cost savings for companies.

Objectif durable


To reduce the electricity consumption of our data centre’s air conditioning system, we have chosen to adopt « free cooling », an environmentally-friendly air conditioning technology.

Air conditioning and cooling systems represent around 40% of the total electricity consumption of a Data Center [Intelligent Efficiency for Data Centres and Wide Area Networks]. To be able to reduce this energy consumption, CDROM has chosen "Free Cooling". This technology uses fresh air from outside to cool the temperature of our storage spaces and offer a perfect environment for your rack and servers.

Throughout the year, Swiss Jura temperatures help to reduce electricity consumption of our air conditioning and allow our customers to make real benefits. Our Franches-Montagnes Data Center record, in average, 6 degrees lower than the Central Plateau of Switzerland. A perfect environment for "Free-Cooling" concept.

MINERGIE® - Certified Building

MINERGIE® is a Swiss association which promotes the reduction of energy consumption in buildings and infrastructures by offering solutions for responsible energy use and the use of sustainable energies.

The MINERGIE® label is granted only to buildings that meet minimum energy consumption standards. To obtain MINERGIE® certification, companies can choose from five standard solutions for heating and hot water and must comply with some additional conditions.

Des bâtiments labellisés Minergie


Solar energy

With our data center's photovoltaic panels

Our Data Center located in the town of Le Noirmont benefits from an ideal localisation to collect green electricity from the sun. Thus, the solar panels installed on the roofs of buildings provide renewable energy for around 20 households in Switzerland. This project is part of the energy transition and our desire to reduce our Data Center CO2 emissions.