Access controlled and secured at all times

Each piece of equipment is constantly checked to guarantee optimal functioning. This is monitored in real time by our experienced system administrators.

The equipment has been designed to take into account changes in technology and is subject to periodic checks.

  • Restricted access: Anyone wishing to enter our premises must have prior written consent to do so. Proof of identity and a biometric check are required to gain access.
  • Biometric identification protocol + access via digital code
  • Continuous video surveillance
  • Security service

Our Bulding is contructed to strict standards

Our data centre is over 60 km from the main urban centres as stipulated by the Basel II accords.

In 2009, our first Data Center opened in the Franches-Montagnes region. Since 2018, CDROM has had a new Data Center located in the heart of the Innodel technological campus in Delémont. It complements our offer with new opportunities for DRP.

These geographic decisions were not made by chance These geographic regions have a very low risk of earthquakes. Our building is designed to withstand any kind of natural disaster to keep our clients data safe.

  • EN-50600, Class-3 (N+1) or equivalent of Tier III® continuity compliance
  • WK6 Doors (ENV 1627 standard) : these WK6 anti-intrusion doors certify the highest lest level of protection and resistance
  • Uninterruptable power supply and emergency generator
  • Smoke detector and high density fire alarm



We Protect Your Data

Any data centre must be able to offer secure everyday solutions. This is why CDROM has built its infrastructure in a way which protects itself against the following risks and dangers.

To guarantee the security and continuity of all of your data, CDROM and its partners can offer you a regular back-up service for your website, databases and all ‘remote back-up’ data.