Ecologiquement engagé

Environmental Commitment

Our company is particularly aware of the need to protect and respect the environment. For this reason, we operate our site in an environmentally responsibility way and have adopted a 100% Green IT perspective.

The photovoltaic panels fitted on the roof of our building can produce enough energy to supply twenty households. CDROM has signed an electricity supply agreement for the exclusive use of « hydro CH » energy.


To reduce the electricity consumption of our data centre’s air conditioning system, we have chosen to adopt « free cooling », an environmentally-friendly air conditioning technology.

Throughout the year, these cool temperatures help reduce our air-conditioning energy needs and we pass the savings on to our clients.

Our Franches-Montagnes Data Center is at a high altitude, because of our altitude, our average temperatures are 6°C cooler than normal. This allows us to make good use of free cooling, while the excess heat produced supplies the building’s heat pumps.

Concept du Free-Cooling

Des bâtiments labellisés Minergie

MINERGIE® - Certified Building

MINERGIE® is a Swiss association which promotes the reduction of energy consumption in buildings and infrastructures by offering solutions for responsible energy use and the use of sustainable energies.

The MINERGIE® label is granted only to buildings that meet minimum energy consumption standards. To obtain MINERGIE® certification, companies can choose from five standard solutions for heating and hot water and must comply with some additional conditions.